Term 3 – 2022
2 May – 2 July

We don’t have online bookings but you can easily book a class by calling us directly on 0466 282 031 or email pole.class.aus@gmail.com

We are taking a break from 20 – 26 June due to Pole Icon. Classes will not run this week and the studio will be open for scheduled practice times. Week 8 will be week commencing Monday 27 June and showcase will be Friday 1 July.

For more info pricing available here

Book Our Private Practice Room

We have a private practice room that can be booked during class hours.

The room has 2 poles and can be booked for $10 per hour.

If you want to use the practice time out of hours please contact us directly pole.class.aus@gmail.com or 0466 282 031

When requesting Sign In Code please change to from “English American” to
“English Australia” to recognise local mobile number.