Chilli Rox

Chilli Rox is an experienced professional showgirl, choreographer, pole dance instructor, and emcee. Chilli has been instructing pole for over 16yrs.  

Chilli has very proudly been voted Australia’s Number 1 most influential in the pole industry for 3 years running and was recently awarded the title “Dame of Influence”. Chilli has won many pole dancing competitions including 2 x Pole Theatre Sydney Professional Comedy champion (with her partner in crime Coco). Chilli has travelled the world as a pole instructor, emcee and guest performer. Chilli has taught and continues to teach pole dance workshops nationally and internationally and has instructed at many pole camps and studios including Hertz Dance & Fitness UK, Slap studio Singapore, Melody Rose studio Hong Kong, Pole Camp Greece, Pole Camp Croatia, and has been part of the instructors team at The Australian Pole Festival, Australian Pole Expo, and East Coast Pole Cruise. Chilli has judged many pole competitions including Pole Art Croatia, Pole Theatre Hong Kong, Pole and Aerial All Stars. Chilli is the official emcee of the Australian Pole Championships, Miss Pole Dance Australia, Pole Theatre UK, and Asia Pole Championships. Chilli is the director of the Miss Pole Dance Australia opening numbers. Chilli co-produced the hugely successful show Dance for a Difference with Dallas Dee at the Enmore Theatre which raised over $46,000 for Spinal Cure.

Chilli has been performing as a showgirl for many years. There have been some awesome shows including The Big Day Out festival, Eminem’s after party and Television appearances including Underbelly and The Today show. While it all sounds glamorous some shows have been absolute shockers and Chilli will overshare everything with you. Chilli’s epic fail stories will have you in stitches this showgirl has seen it all.  

Chilli is absolutely thrilled to be head instructor and choreographer at Pole Class Sydney and can’t wait to share her extensive knowledge (and ridiculous stories) with you all. Let’s Dance!


Dallas Dee

Dallas Dee is one of Australia’s top showgirls. She has been pole dancing for over 13 years and has competed and performed in Australia and internationally. Dallas is best known for her powerhouse tricks, show stopping performances and cheeky choreography. Dallas has been a finalist at Miss Pole Australia, Australian Pole Championships and Asia Pole Championships to name a few.

Dallas is the proud owner of Showpony Pole and Burlesque in Dee Why, for anyone located in the northern beaches area.

Dallas has multiple national dance titles, produces several annual pole dance and burlesque events, we look forward to Glitz Competition every year! Dallas also MC’s and judges multiple annual competitions and showcases. Dallas co-produced Dance for a Difference with Chilli.

Dallas also loves mentoring and developing emerging performers and can’t wait to dance with you at Pole Class!



Lulu L’Amour

Lulu L’Amour has been pole dancing for 11 years and is the creator of Lulu L’Amour custom pole costumes.

Lulu spent 10 years working in Film and TV creating costumes and sets for feature films and TV drama and is now able to combine her two loves making props and costumes for pole dancers. 

Lulu has worked with Chilli creating props and costumes for the opening of Miss Pole Dance Australia for the past two years. As well as creating many exciting costumes for competitors.

Lulu is so excited to be the owner and business manager at Pole Class and can’t wait to meet all the students who are going to be part of our pole community.




Harriet Wolf

All the way from the UK learn low flow moves and base work with the incredible Harriet Wolf.

Harriet has a unique pole dancing style that she can’t wait to share with Pole Class students.

Having previously won Dance Filthy UK and previously teaching at London Pole Academy Harriet has tricks and tips to improve your performance and help you create your own unique style.

In Harriet’s classes students will learn a basework trick for your level which will be drilled to improve strength and slinky muscle memory, bringing you a fabulous movement repertoire for floor and the lower base of the pole. 

You will learn 2 choreographies across the course both on static pole!

Harriet’s choreography is suitable for all levels and she can’t wait to share her knowledge and expertise with you.





Jinx has competed and won several amateur competitions, including most recently Sexy’s Back, and has been a finalist in Miss Pole Dance NSW.

Despite not having a dance or gymnastics background, Jinx is known for her slinky sexy dance style and wowing the audience with her flexibility.

She loves the challenge of new pole tricks – the splitty-er the better – and the great community she’s become part of since starting pole dancing 10 years ago.

Jinx is excited to share her love of pole with all her students and can’t wait to teach them how to heel bang!




Jaxie James

Jaxie James is an ambi-dancetrous, fit freak and online marketing manager who has been pole dancing for over 10 years. She is naturally drawn to any challenging sport and has a competitive nature, making her a force to be reckoned with. Her dance styles outside pole include teaching, leading and following Bachata, and dancing Salsa, Kizomba and Reggaeton.

Jaxie will never say no to a new challenge. When she’s not swinging around a pole, Jaxie can be found smashing PBs in the gym. She has been known to deadlift a person or two and could seriously challenge Chuck Norris in an arm wrestle. Her favourite start to the day is lifting heavy weights in the gym; her favourite body part to train being legs because “you can never have a big enough peach”.

Jaxie’s talents don’t end at dance; she is also a musician who sings and plays both piano and guitar – nothing is more important to her than music. She is no stranger to the stage and has competed in 4 bikini competitions, as well as a handful of amateur pole comps and the NSW Miss Pole Dance Australia heat back in 2015. She feels most confident on any stage, finding it exhilarating to be “someone else” for a few minutes.

Jaxie is super excited to help students gain strength for their unimaginable pole tricks, and other skills on and off the pole, pushing them to their full potential.




Elle Kay

Elle Kay has been pole dancing for 6 years after falling in love with the combination of challenging tricks and sexy choreography.

As a trained Design and Technology teacher by day, Elle enjoys watching her students progress and build confidence in what they do whether it’s in the classroom or at the pole studio. Elle also has a strong interest in health and fitness becoming a regular gym junkie to support her love for pole dancing and booty gains.

She has performed in many showcases over the years including on the Enmore Theatre stage for the Dance for a Difference opening act. While Elle may not have the best singing voice (according to Chilli) she is a great pole dancer and a fun and passionate teacher who is excited to share her love for dancing with everyone at Pole Class Sydney.