Chilli Rox

Chilli Rox has been voted Australia’s #1 most influential pole dancer, three years running. She is the choreographer for Miss Pole Dance Australia’s iconic opening numbers and emcee’s the event (as well as countless others throughout the pole year!). Chilli is one of Australia’s elite showgirls – having taught workshops, emceed and performed around the world in productions such as Pole Theatre UK. Chilli is known for her Aussie Showgirl dance style – ie. Hitting beats, Heels, Head rolls and SULTRY floorwork! She is the current Pole Theatre Australia – Comedy: Champion.

Have you heard of Pole Icon? If not, where have you been! Australia’s newest pole dancing competition for the most ICONIC dancers created by Chilli! 


Lulu L’Amour

Lulu L’Amour has been pole dancing for 13 years and is the creator of Lulu L’Amour custom pole costumes.

Lulu spent 10 years working in Film and TV creating costumes and sets for feature films and TV drama and is now able to combine her two loves making props and costumes for pole dancers. 

Lulu has worked with Chilli creating props and costumes for the opening of Miss Pole Dance Australia for the past two years. As well as creating many exciting costumes for competitors.

Lulu is so excited to be the owner and business manager at Pole Class and can’t wait to meet all the students who are going to be part of our pole community.



Dallas Dee

Dallas Dee is one of Australia’s top showgirls. She has been pole dancing for over 13 years and has competed and performed in Australia and internationally. Dallas is best known for her powerhouse tricks, show stopping performances and cheeky choreography. Dallas has been a finalist at Miss Pole Australia, Australian Pole Championships and Asia Pole Championships to name a few.

Dallas is the proud owner of Showpony Pole and Burlesque in Dee Why, for anyone located in the northern beaches area.

Dallas has multiple national dance titles, produces several annual pole dance and burlesque events, we look forward to Glitz Competition every year! Dallas also MC’s and judges multiple annual competitions and showcases. Dallas co-produced Dance for a Difference with Chilli.

Dallas also loves mentoring and developing emerging performers and can’t wait to dance with you at Pole Class!



Lola Grace

Lola Grace is delicious, gooey, fluid sensuality and World Champion of Exotic Generation Flow 2022, Winner of Floorplay Professional Division 2022, Pole Icon People’s Choice 2022 and a Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist. An Australian pole dancer who has been slinking around the pole for over 14 years and a pole instructor for over a decade, Lola is best known for her mesmerising musicality, intoxicating flow, and love of freestyle technique.




Lennox Moon

Lennox is a fierce and fabulous performer and leading pole entertainer, known for his sexy flexy style and tricks. Lennox has been a premiere performer in the openings of Pole Icon, Mr Pole Dance Australia, Miss Pole Dance Australia, Miss Pole Dance NSW as well as being a guest performer and judge at Miss Pole Dance WA. Lennox began teaching in 2016 is always in pursuit of optimal flexibility and growth to the benefit of his students.





Ophelia loves nothing more than supporting others in living their best flexy, flowy, and fun lives through dance. She has been teaching dance for 15+ years (Ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary) and teaching Pole dance & Silks for 8 years. She doesn’t have a favourite but loves anything sultry and slinky! Ophelia is also a qualified Myotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates Movement Teacher (contemporary, classical and rehabilitation) who dedicates her practice to educating and coaching Polers, Aerialist and dancers. When she’s not teaching or treating you’ll find her taking fun adventures with her husky, performing or nerding out on anatomy. 



Nicoletta Noir

Cheeky, sassy and a little bit spooky, Nicoletta is a pastel princess dipped in Halloween. She is drawn to Pole for its perfect mix of strength, flexibility and creativity but mostly how it has something special for everyone. No stranger to the show and competitive stage, Nicoletta’s style is fast, dynamic and sexy, always hitting those beats and approaching choreography and pole tricks/transitions in new and exciting ways. She has been teaching pole and dance for 5 years and has performed at the Vanguard in several Heartstoppers events, as well as competing and making it to Nationals in APC 2019, most recently placing 2nd in Flaunt It Pole Championships 2023, making a come back after having a baby a couple of years ago! Nicoletta loves problem solving and pays great attention to technique, taking the time to nurture each student and help them grow with confidence! She loves being able to pass on her passion for Pole and nothing makes her happier than helping people find themselves.. and surprise themselves!





Anthea has been dancing since she was young and studied full time after school at Brent St. She completed both the musical theatre course and contemporary course before furthering her studies at Millennium Dance Complex in LA. She has been teaching heels since 2018 and loves that the style is diverse and embraces a dancers sensuality, softness, strength and confidence within. While she enjoys all aspects of the style, she feels most at home during floor work and enjoys making beautiful leggy lines!





Jinx has competed and won several amateur competitions, including Sexy’s Back, and has been a finalist in Miss Pole Dance NSW.  Despite not having a dance or gymnastics background, Jinx is known for her slinky sexy dance style and wowing the audience with her flexibility.  She loves the challenge of new pole tricks – the splitty-er the better – and the great community she’s become part of since starting pole dancing 10 years ago. If you ever need Jinx to do something, you need only offer chicken wings or noods (as in noodles!!).  If she had any superpower it would be the ability to do all the spreadies all the time and heel bang all day…. Rumour has it she even sleeps in a split!




Raven has been pole dancing for 7 years and is making her way through all of Britney Spears’ tracks in her performances. She once co-owned a pole studio in southwest Sydney and left to diversify her style. She is the resident booty shaker teaching twerk at Pole Class and loves to choreograph interactive crowd pleaser routines.

Her background is in hip hop and she eventually progressed to a more sensual movement and style. Pole dancing helped her learn how to embrace her body, be comfortable with her sensuality, and fall in love with strength training. Her favourite trick (arguably only trick) is a deadlift and she also trains calisthenics with a PB of 52 pushups and 15kg weighted pull-ups!

Raven is also a self-love and confidence coach who loves to empower other women and spread positivity. Dancing is just one avenue in which she achieves this. She believes that training the mind is just as important as training the body.




Harriet Wolf

All the way from the UK learn low flow moves and base work with the incredible Harriet Wolf.

Harriet has a unique pole dancing style that she can’t wait to share with Pole Class students.

Having previously won Dance Filthy UK and previously teaching at London Pole Academy Harriet has tricks and tips to improve your performance and help you create your own unique style.

In Harriet’s classes students will learn a basework trick for your level which will be drilled to improve strength and slinky muscle memory, bringing you a fabulous movement repertoire for floor and the lower base of the pole. 

You will learn 2 choreographies across the course both on static pole!

Harriet’s choreography is suitable for all levels and she can’t wait to share her knowledge and expertise with you.




Elle Kay (Mat Leave)

Elle Kay started pole dancing in 2014 after falling in love with the dancers in a QLD stripclub. She has been teaching pole for two years and enjoys getting students out of their comfort zones and appreciating what their bodies can achieve! She is a high school design and technology teacher and holds a certificate three in fitness.

When Elle is not dancing she enjoys going to the gym, cooking and forcing cuddles on her cat, Pepperoni.  

Elle’s speciality invovled all forms of strength and conditioning for pole including helping everyone with those dreaded inverts!