Release and Waiver of Liability

Booking into a course students agree to the following:

I understand, acknowledge and agree that the activities of pole dancing are dangerous and as such, have inherent dangers and risks, including risk of injury or death. I acknowledge that the activities I undertake are at my own risk and therefore it would be unreasonable for Pole Class Pty Ltd to be responsible in any way for any injury or any kind of death. I hereby waive all legal rights of action against and fully release Pole Class Pty Ltd, it’s directors, instructors, independent contractors, employees, landlords and leases for the loss, damages or injuries arising out of or in relation to the participation by myself in the activities conducted or organised by Pole Class Pty Ltd. Including, without limitation, liability of any negligent or tortous act or omission, breach of duty, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of Pole Class Pty Ltd or related parties. I confirm that I assume the risk of, and the responsibility for any injury resulting from my participation in my activities. I participate in activities at my sole risk and responsibility and release, indemnify and hold harmless Pole Class Pty Ltd.

I agree to the follow the directions of the instructor and that any misconduct or refusal by me to follow any direction of the instructor or rules of the studio can result in the cancellation of my lesson and my immediate removal from the class. I understand that such non-compliance may result in injury of any kind whatsoever as a result of my failure to comply. Rules of the studio are clearly displayed in both reception and the dance areas.

I acknowledge I have been advised to consult with my physician with respect to any past or present injury, illness, pregnancy or any other health related condition or any kind whatsoever that may affect my participation and ability to participate in the program. I acknowledge that I have discussed the appropriateness of the pole dancing program in connection with any illness or condition that I have or have had with my physician, and that I knowingly execute this release from liability and negligence. If you are pregnant we request that you provide a medical certificate that advises it is safe for you and your baby to continue to pole dance. You acknowledge that if you choose to continue to pole dance while pregnant you do so at your own risk and will not hold Pole Class Pty Ltd responsible for any injury/death that may occur.

COVID Safe practices are in place. All students and instructors entering the studio agree to submit to a temperature check before entering. If you do have symptoms of any kind, fever, cough, runny nose etc, please stay at home and seek medical advice. Any students who attend the studio with symptoms or who refuse to take a temperature test will be asked to leave without refund of the class.

Any student or instructor who has been in contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed of having COVID 19 in the past 14 days will not be permitted to attend class until they self-isolate for 14 days or until they have sought medical advice.

Pole Class Pty Ltd are a registered COVID Safe business and will be following all government COVID 19 hygiene guidelines. All students and instructors are required to follow these hygiene guidelines when entering and leaving the studio. The receptionist on duty will be the designated COVID Marshall.