We have a variety of pole classes for all fitness levels


There are a variety of Tricks classes available for Beginners to Advanced levels. In this class you will work on tricks catered to your skill level.  You will also work on perfecting your technique.

FIRST CLASS (Beginners)

If you are new to pole dancing this is the class for you. In this course you will learn new pole tricks and fun dance moves every week.

MIDDLE CLASS (Intermediate 1)

Now that you have mastered the basics learn some new moves and build on the strength you developed in beginners. In this class you will learn inverts, handstands and so much more!

UPPER CLASS (Intermediate 2)

At this level you will invert from the top of the pole and work on leg hang variations.  You will learn how to smoothly transition from one trick to the next. 

BUSINESS CLASS (Intermediate 3)

And we really mean business! At this level you will start doing crazy upside down pole tricks and combinations including leg switches, shoulder mount variations and extended butterfly. Build on the tricks you learnt in inter 2 and work on perfecting your technique. To really excel at this level we recommend 2 level classes per week.

TOP CLASS (Prep Advanced)

The tricks are getting harder at this level. You have the strength and confidence to try the hard tricks and longer combinations. This level will really test your stamina and get you super strong! You will learn many tricks including reverse shoulder mounts, one handed spins, static-v (ayesha) and allegras.

GOLD CLASS (Advanced)

You’re top of your class and ready to try the circus level tricks. This level is designed to challenge you, with dynamic combinations and complex transitions. You will need a high level of strength and skill. This course is designed for experienced confident pole dancers.


This level is invitation only and for students that have excelled at Gold Class and are at competitive level.


Pole Dance is a choreography class where you learn a new routine each week. This class is suitable for beginners to advanced as there is a freestyle section where you can include your own tricks. The main focus of this class is to challenge your brain and work up a sweat by learning a sexy new routine (from start to finish) in 1 hour. Knee pads required for this class.


There are a variety of Tricks classes available Each class a basework trick for your level will be taught and drilled to really improve strength and slinky muscle memory, bringing you fabulous movement repertoire for floor and the lower base of the pole.


If you are new to pole dancing this is the This class is focused on helping you unlock your splits. Learn progressions to improve your flexibility and increase your range of motion for front, middle and pancake splits. Perfect to help you achieve splits tricks and fluidity on and off the pole.


You will learn a different super sexy chair routine each week that is a combination of floorwork and challenging chair tricks. All skill levels welcome, this is a non-pole class.


In this class you will learn different techniques involved in the ancient art of striptease. Learn how to dance seductively using props such as chairs, feather boas, gloves and stockings. All skill levels welcome, this is a non-pole class.


If you are new to pole dancing this is the Pole Conditioning is focused on strengthening your body so that you can achieve your pole goals.


We have an additional dedicated practice room with two 40mm static/spin brass X-Poles. Practice time is available at any time that we have classes running. Practice time can be booked per pole per hour. If there is no one booked after you, we are happy for you to extend your booking.