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Chilli Rox

Chilli Rox is an experienced professional showgirl, choreographer, pole dance instructor, and emcee. Chilli has been instructing pole for over 16 years.  

Chilli has very proudly been voted Australia’s Number 1 most influential in the pole industry for 3 years running and was recently awarded the title “Dame of Influence”. Chilli has won many pole dancing competitions including 2 x Pole Theatre Sydney Professional Comedy Champion (with her partner in crime Coco). Chilli has travelled the world as a pole instructor, emcee, and guest performer. Chilli has taught and continues to teach  pole dance workshops nationally and internationally and has instructed at many pole camps and studios including Hertz Dance UK, Slap studio Singapore, Melody Rose Studio Hong Kong, Pole Camp Greece, Pole Camp Croatia etc and has been part of the instructors team at The Australian Pole Festival, Australian Pole Expo, and East Coast Pole Cruise. Chilli has judged many pole competitions for Pole Art Croatia, Pole Theatre Hong Kong, Pole and Aerial All Stars and more. Chilli is the official emcee of the Australian Pole Championships, Miss Pole Dance Australia, Pole Theatre UK, Asia Pole Championships. Chilli is the choreographer creative director of the Miss Pole Dance Australia opening numbers. Chilli co produced the hugely successful show Dance for a Difference with Dallas Dee at the Enmore Theatre which raised over $46,000 for Spinal Cure. Chilli has been performing as a showgirl for many years. There have been some awesome shows including The Big Day Out festival, Eminem’s after party and Television appearances including Underbelly and The Today show. While it all sounds glamorous some shows have been absolute shockers and Chilli will overshare everything with you. Chilli’s epic fail stories will have you in stitches this showgirl has seen it all.  Chilli is absolutely thrilled to be owner, head instructor and choreographer at Pole Class Sydney and can’t wait to share her extensive knowledge (and ridiculous stories) with you all, Let’s Dance!  

Lulu L’Amour

Lulu L’Amour has been pole dancing for 11 years and the creator of Lulu L’Amour custom costumes. Lulu spent 10 years working in Film and TV creating costumes and sets for feature films and TV drama and is now able to combine her two loves making props and costumes for pole dancers.